Helping you to help yourself

The founders of VA Group have always had a strong belief that business success is deeply linked to society’s progress and this is why the Group considers corporate social responsibility as a key performance area. One of the social objectives of VA Group is to add value to the quality of life of the community at large and with this mission in mind, VA Foundation was created.

At the very basis of VA Foundation lies 4 core values – Care, Hope, Passion and Focus.

We firmly believe in the philosophy that so long as there’s life there’s hope. With the help of someone who really cares for you and if you do believe in your dreams with passion and stay focused, you can hope for and achieve the impossible.

VA Foundation is here to extend its helping hands to those in need and we focus our support on three themes: youth development, humanitarian and community support.

Tel: 00230 213 4238
Fax: 002302134237

K Vishal Ramanah