The group was formed in 2004 with only one company Ramanah and Associates (formerly trading under Worldwide Business Outsourcing). Mr K Vishal Ramanah (founder) was residing in UK when he had the idea of opening an outsourcing company in Mauritius. The idea was to start outsourcing all accounting tasks starting with the UK accountancy firm he was managing back then. He landed in Mauritius and gather a team of qualified accountant and leave the company under the control of MR K Adesh Ramanah.

In 2005 the Mr K Vishal and K Adesh Ramaah were named as the most successful young entrepreneurs in Mauritius through this company. After the success of this venture both the brothers went on to found other entities.

Mr K Vishal Ramanah who is our Group CEO look at strategies and direction of the group while Mr K Adesh Ramanah our Group Managing Director look after all the companies operational and ensuring the strategies set are being implemented. For more detail about the management team please refer to the board of executive page.

Current the Group business cluster are Management Company, Property, leisure, Trading, Investment and latest is our online business. The aim of the Group is to excel in all our business clusters and ensuring our customers has great experience dealing with VA Group of companies.