VA Infrastructure

This company was set up with the aim of dealing with property development and public projects in area such as management of property construction, dealing with renovation projects. We are expanding in areas such as technology development, Land development and design and supply of high end furniture for luxury villas.

VA Landlord

Our clear strategic focus on north of Mauritius, a market that we know inside out, allows us to better evaluate changing conditions, adjust our activities and unearth opportunities that others may miss. We are exceedingly proud of our achievements over the years, including past tenant recognition (see reference below). We have been recognised for our professional property management activities.

VA Promoters

VA Promoters under the trading name of VA Group Limited deal in high-end real estate development in Mauritius. The achievement of various prestigious residential projects has earned us an undisputed reputation when it comes to meeting client expectation and ensuring the best value for our local and international buyers.